Crawley is a town near Gatwick in West Sussex, to be honest it's the same as any other town really. It's got it's good and bad parts, many people travel down for other towns for Crawley's shopping center and facilities. It's known for being a place filled with chavs, which isn't very realistic. It's pretty ordinary really.
Horsham Kid "I heard Crawley is a complete dive!"
Crawley Kid "It's really just the same as any other town"
by gbd463t April 13, 2011
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Crawley Kebab :- when a pissed posh Sussex girl squats on your face outside Morrisons at 1am Saturday morning.
Debby nearly suffocated me with a Crawley Kebab last weekend.
by Trixie4 June 13, 2017
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someone who thinks they are better than you but lives on the outskirts of London and is a stuck up girl, who denis what you say to her face. BLoody, Bloody, n........
Mike did you see that Crawley Cunt in Cake Box?
by bloodyBloodyn.... November 21, 2019
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Alfie Crawley is a hit and handsome man, if you see him you will instantly faint. If you dont faint you will die because he is so damn sexy and mamalicous. He also will tickle your kidney.
Its Alfie Crawley “RUN”.

Quickly hide or we will faint.
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A big headed twat which doesnt get any birds. Whilst he tells his family memebers he is straight, we all know hes came out the closet
by Uknown gypsy April 26, 2017
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gay stinky poopy head lives in gei fam house
youre such a charlton crawley
by funne man October 1, 2020
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biggest bitch around, likes to be a backstabber and if you go near an ex she will bite your head off
lauren crawley is a nob gobbler
by fred borington December 10, 2013
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