to cry and laugh; craughing, craughter
I craughed like a madman.
I craughed when I saw the engagement ring.
by joseeatsbeans November 22, 2007
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To laugh and cry at the same time.
"Dude I don't know whether to laugh or cry"
"Why don't you just craugh?"
"That's genius"
by HarryStylesIsGay January 2, 2014
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To cringe and laugh simultaneously. Often as a result of one of Blair Honeyman's jokes.
I just craughed at Blair's joke.
by worseforwear November 11, 2013
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When someone is craughing, it is near impossible to tell if they are crying or laughing. Normally the craugher is in another room or out of eyesight, so you can't see their crying/laughing face.

Note: Not to be confused with craffing, the act of crying and laughing at the same time. Craughing is when you can't tell between the two.
by Dest747 May 9, 2010
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to laugh so hard that you cry. Or if you are crying and someone makes you laugh.
That joke was so funny i craughed.
by Dic from Dtown October 26, 2005
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a rare combination of laughing and crying touched off by a hilarious joke or humorous situation.
When Joe stated the ridiculous phrase, "hedgey hedgey boom boom," Lisa craughed until the proverbial cows came home.
by Joseph Checkler October 26, 2005
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crapping (pooping) while crying and laughing while thinking about larry stylinson and eating ice cream
I had a great craugh yesterday. It lasted an hour.
by gotta_be_ana April 23, 2021
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