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Undefined use of time, Free time, Vague outcomes, Doodling, Occupying yourself with tasks unrelated to your purpose, Generally wasting time and other fun pursuits. Procrastination is the work that is done to avoid the work that is supposed to be done. AKA, Saturday mornings. See also Crastination and Procrastination.

Historically, The word arises from the experience where a person becomes a Pro at Crastination by spending hours doing very little, or being off track more than one is on track. With the invention of rubber tires, we realized that tracks don't really matter any more so being off track was no longer a culturally shunned experience. Hence, Pro-Crastination was born.
Saturday mornings, you and I engage in crastination by watching TV rather than vacuuming. We become better and better at crastinating and that is procrastination.
by Yoda-Ninja May 10, 2015
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