It is an annual Festival of local music, entertainment and talent by local people, which is held at Crapstone, Devon, England.
We had a wicked time at Crapfest Crapstone Festival this year and cant wait to go again next year!!!
by Crapfest's No.1 Fan September 15, 2010
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Festival of local music, talent and entertainment held in Crapstone, Devon, England each year.
Crapfest 2010 Crapstone festival was totally awesome.
by Buckland Cricket Club September 15, 2010
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A festival of crap. Something which is so terrible that it deserves special recognition for sucking so badly.
Man that Hillary Duff Concert was like an all day ticket to a crapfest.

Similar term: Crap Carnival
by Thang March 17, 2004
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1)(N.)An event or situation which is deeply disappointing; 2)A sudden influx of misfortune. From the American slang for excrement combined with the Germanic word "fest" (festival),American slang for bout or session.
The office manager hired clowns for the annual party and turned it into a real crapfest.
by T2M tha 4N6DV8 November 14, 2003
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