Running around a campfire or bonfire while farting the whole time, thus producing a circle of crap smell for everyone around the fire to enjoy.

Origin: This weekend camping, crop dusting turned into a crop circle when I dusted everyone around the camp fire which then turned into the crap circle because it smelled like crap
Kevin ran around the campfire while farting, giving everyone a nice crap circle to enjoy.
by BTYeagermeister June 21, 2011
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circles on underwear, skivvies or other pantswear that show up and may be the work of aliens (such as Klingons or other off-world groups)
Mikey noticed that every morning when changing his underwear his dog Lucky would immediately start licking the mysterious crap circles that had appeared there.
by Sam LaDue March 05, 2008
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when you have sharted and there are unexplained sacred geometric shapes in your briefs
Real men prefer briefs, for 'tis easier to identify and catalogue crap circles
by Ae5Ea8 December 17, 2018
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