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one of the two public cranston schools, located on the less ghetto area of town; mascot being the falcon, a real mascot; known for their high-performance in academics, "that falcon band", an actual pep band, including the hot falconettes and westernettes, championship winning sports teams and academic clubs, way out games and mr. lemoi;
also known by the annual graffiti endured on there painted rocks at the track from there pals, cranston east. however they've yet to notice the favor of vandalization is never returned. not because they're scared, but because they simply just don't give a shit, and would rather laugh their asses off at the losers than participate in illegal acts.

synonym; the preppy westies.
if the lack of jerseys, air forces and flat brimmed baseball hats with the stickers still on them in our wardrobe makes us preppy westies, then praise the lord.
"On Tuesday, Cranston West defeated Cranston East in every sport and activity possibly ever imagined."
by a west student September 08, 2006
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A school in the nicer area of Cranston Rhode Island that has rivals in the ghettoer area which happens to be Cranston East. the West kids have more money and more freedom because most of the time their parents are too busy working for more money for their children. The west kids have more money to buy "hard core drugs" instead of the east kids who barely have anything. Most of them are pussies when it comes to sports and fights are typically not very entertaining. Most of the kids are too busy playing xbox 360 to learn how to actually fight.
Did you hear that when Cranston West played against East in a basketball game, one of the East players hurt a West players ankle. He had to be carried off in a stretcher. What a pussy. Now he can go back home and play more xbox 360 and do more drugs.
by east girly May 23, 2008
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