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Usually over-privileged under-supervised kids who live on the lake and think that it's unusual to not stay at the Ritz Carlton when you go to Florida for spring break. Often cruise around on their mopeds and train all summer for lacrosse because lax is life. Like to sport Vineyard Vines clothing and are especially in love with the stickers to put on their MacBook Pros, but still insist that they're not preppy. Can tell you the difference between knock-off Uggs and real Uggs--even if both have the Ugg brand name on them. Complain about getting an A- on a pop quiz because "What will Mom and Dad say if I don't go to Harvard or Yale?" Like to get drunk and pass out in front of the high school and get picked up by their friends who shouldn't be driving yet to be taken to the hospital to get their stomachs pumped.
Conversations heard by east kids:

"Bro go like my insta pic its only got like 169 likes"
"Ouch man that's embarrassing I got you bro"

"OMG did you see?! Vineyard just came out with their new prints! I'm forcing my parents to buy me all the clothes with the new prints on them!"
by eastiebeasty March 15, 2014
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