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The incredibly ghetto school on the eastern side of cranston, RI. made up of two buildings: main, and briggs. our mascot is the "Thunderbolt" (so what if there's no such thing!). we barely have a roof, we have walls made of particle board dividing half the classrooms, and the heating does not work at all. on the bright side, we have the state's only competitive marching band, and the sexiest tuba section in new england, and possibly the east coast. other good points include a kick-ass AJROTC drill team.

kids at east do weed, while the preppy westies do coke because mommy and daddy can afford it.
announcement over the PA system(this seriously did happen): we must warn students not to use the doors going to briggs, because the tires keeping the synthetic membrane (tarp!) have begun to be blown off, due to the wind. we do not want any injuries due to falling tires, so, again, we urge students to find alternate routes in and out of the building.
by ... March 20, 2005
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