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A school where it’s part of the less ghetto side of Cranston and is filled with privileged white kids and very few other ethnicities compared to Cranston east. It’s a school where every girl is really snobby and basic and wears pretty much the same exact shit everyday and can’t seem to handle only having one boyfriend, where popular guys have a mushroom hairstyle and care more about their shoes and Juuls than showering and guys and girls are douche bags who say nigga despite being as white as flashback Mary. People juul or smoke weed in the bathrooms cuz they think it’s fine and cool but really their parents just did a shitty job and don’t care about them. A lot of people have a lot of money in the school but yet they can’t even afford to get air conditioners for the classrooms. Fuckin losers.
My test was as easy as the girls at Cranston West
by Your daddy’s nut sack February 17, 2019

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