When you crank someone you are dislocating their arms or legs while cranking that Soulja boy

man I had to crank that guy at the bar last night So hard he has to go to the hospital
by Bruhtonium August 30, 2020
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A guy who cries while he watches his wife gets fucked.
Ye tom is such a crank,he can't stand up for his lady.
by Pdot December 05, 2017
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Slang, verb.

Crank was originated during a weekend at a cabin up north. A group of friends was messing around and near the end of the weekend, someone shouted "This weekend was crank!" It all started there, and the meaning of crank has expanded since then.

Crank is a word that is used during a hype moment. It is similar to a word such as awesome. It is very versatile, however, and you could use it to express moments of glee and/or surprise.
We just won the game! That was so crank!

Thanks for being so crank to me the other day; you've been super cool lately.

Wow! You came out of nowhere, you cranked me!
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by ross69 December 27, 2018
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crank is a crazy person. like a crackhead baso. so if someone is like bout do something that is a bad idea. They are a crank
"shall i jump from here?" "nah dontπŸ˜‚" *jumpes* *both laughing* " mate your a fucking crank omds"
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by gyyyyddrty April 03, 2021
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1. Used to describe a person who is crazy. 2. A slang term for drugs, usually heroin. 3. A slang term to do something with power or vigorous motion. From the German work "krank" which also means "sick."
"He's a bit of a crank."
"Wow, that's some good crank."

"He really cranked that ball out of the park."
by Grcman November 09, 2017
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Someone who is a bully and won't stop bugging you. Someone who hacks and melts things
by therealog August 08, 2016
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One who used to hit lots of homeruns in highschool. Also might be referred to someone who used to have no neck. Or has meaty tires.
Are you playing softball this summer? Are you kidding me..They used to call me Cranks in highschool.
by Dr. Micheal Roberts February 04, 2010
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