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Tippmann is a paintball company known for their rugged, reliable, and practically indestructable products. Tippmann markers are far from the best out there, but the Tippmann 98C is by far the best marker for beginners.
The 98C could best be described as the AK-47 of paintball: popular, reliable, and inexpensive
"Tippmann markers rule!"
"Should I get a Tippmann or a Spyder?"
by Hail to the Chief March 14, 2005
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In the game of Starcraft, when the weakest infantry unit; a Zergling is upgraded with Metabolic Boost and Adreneal Glands. It then becomes a rediculously fast moving and attacking little bugger.
In large numbers, cracklings are almost unstoppable.
"Holy crap, my bunkers ddin't stand a chance against all those cracklings!"
by Hail to the Chief March 13, 2005
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