A small, badly constructed house in a poor neighborhood, usually an older house.
Joe lives with his wife and four kids in a two bedroom crackerbox near the railroad tracks.
by Libertine June 06, 2011
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A vag pitufully devoid of moisture.
When I was over at your dad's house I tried to stuff it in Jen's hairy snizz. Thing wouldn't budge and I got the sensation of dragging my eye down a chalk board. So I go down to spit on it and right when I open my mouth she queefs a sandstorm. Considering how oily Jen's skin and hair are she has the worst crackerbox I've ever tasted!
by Scrunthole June 15, 2018
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1) a word used as a metaphor for what adolescents can do at a dance that would not be acceptable for neither childrens nor jesus

2) when you dance in a very dirty fashion around a white person in a box
1) lars our new friend and counselor telling us not to do any crackerboxing

2) our favorite activity at CLH
by wtfispseudonymbitch March 07, 2012
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if a black person gets mad he might shove you inside a box therefore it becomes a crackerbox
by paige&jessica December 13, 2008
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