The white people's sad attempt to have their own term of endearment of which they have "reclaimed the word" from its original definition of something more derogatory and taboo. (This coming from a white person)
Person A: "What's good, my cracka?"
Person B: "Cracka made a pizza, cracka."
Person A: "Woah cracka I just smoked that dank ass kush so I'ma eat that mothafucka!"
Person C: "Yeah... uh... you guys should give up."
by IGraduatedTheFourthGrade March 01, 2014
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Originated in Florida it’s a racist word against whites equivalent to the N word and in Florida is sometimes used to define cops or any law enforcement.
Them Cracka or Crackers just arrested lil Kodak again!
by FloridaSlang101 January 12, 2020
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A derogatory (i guess it can be) word used to refer to a white person (white people had a 200-300 year headstart on racism, black people just want to catch up and hispanics, well, we just like to mess with people)
Ayo cracka, run me them pockets
by Dub-Fresh December 21, 2006
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