The person is so stupid that you just want them to go in a hole and die.
You jack Crack you stole my Cherry Dr.Pepper and Hot cakes.
by GrimReaper1029 October 25, 2017
The state of recovery after a long weekend of gay bars and unlocked doors, and pool
I am a total Crack taco after Palm Springs Pride.
by NopeNah November 8, 2019
Someone who hordes their crack away from deserving friends like the little whiny punk they are.
"Gimme some of that mountain of crack you've been storing, crack-hog."
by Pandy Orter April 15, 2004
A nigga of small stature who indulges in the pleasures of inhaling vaporized crack cocaine
I was locked up in the joint with a fuckin crack midget bruh. that nigga was out of his mind, wouldn't stop fiending for rock so I punted his little ass into the toilet
by Realassmofucka69420 January 24, 2021
Someone who moved to Atlanta from the midwest just to go to culinary school, but failed. Now they live in a crack house in the midwest and talk about hot dogs all day.
What ever happened to your cousin?

oh he's a crack house chef now.

all about that hot dog life.
by MC Busta January 17, 2020