General Definition:
Someone who partakes in the sale of crack on urban streets.Crack dealers rarely work corners solo. If the man is part of a clique a dealer might have a runner to get the crack from the stash spot, and lookout who will watch for any adversaries or Police and warn the dealer and runners if they are near.
Crack dealers are usually in gangs. Even ones who are not in gangs are usually affiliated with gangs they they conduct business for weapons and coke for. This adds a layer of protection because the politicians of the ghetto are the dealers, hustlers, killers, and gangsters. There is no such thing as delegation and when someone wants you rubbed out thats when you will need all the backup you can get.
If you are a crack dealer theres probably a 100% chance you were raised in the ghetto, don't know your father, and your role models were criminals and other dealers. Alot of crack dealers are truly great people and alot of the nicest and most incredibly wise people ive ever met were crack dealers. I think when you deal with death, stress, and psychological warfare for such long intense periods of time, along with living such an eccentric lifestyle. (Many crack dealers sleep most of the day, hit the clubs at night than from 11PM-5AM sell drugs, when you live like that I guess you gain a skewed outlook on life which is in many ways, brilliant. This however only applies to dealers older than 20 who have been in the game more than 5 years. 5 years in the game will mature you 60 years in a normal life. Ive seen un-educated, no diploma having dudes in there mid 20s speak incredible knowledge about things well beyond there years in normal conversation.
Many crack dealers were nearly forced into the lives they live for many reasons. A crack dealer is nothing more than a man that gives the supply to a demand in an un-charted demographic. He's a salesman and businessman. Is he pure evil? It depends on the person. Many crack dealers truly are the spawn of Satan.
To be a crack dealer you must be street intelligent, be a master of the metric system, be unfuckwitablewit when it comes to fighting or intimidation, have enough money to invest in an ounce, a .45 pistol and 5 friends with .45 pistols along with a local Trap to sell at. If you want this job you must except the fact that 3/4 people doing what you do don't live past 22. If you are the best you will live long and make more than $4,000 every day for minimal work.
The chances of this happening to you is about as likely as winning the lotto however.

Famous former crack dealers:
NORE - Sold as a young teen to mid 20s.
50 Cent - Sold from the ages of 12-20, sold during the 90s and the crack epidemic.
Snoop Dogg - Sold crack as an adolescent in the late 80s for the crips.
The Game - Sold crack in the early 00's till getting shot.
Pimp C. (RIP) - Sold crack in his teens to his early 20s.
Kool G. Rap - Sold crack during the crack epidemic from his teens to mid 20s.
IceT - Sold as a teen in South Central LA.
Crack Dealer Quotes:

"I sell crack
Yo my ices gleam, type mean, sell to fiends
Shoot guns, parallel
my Pistals, bust well"

"OGs look at me an see I'm what they used to be/
I'm that nigga that sold coke/
that niggas that sold dope/
that nigga that shot dice got broke/
than sold soap/"
-50 Cent
by I have the munchies March 19, 2008
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-One who engages in the sale of crack and/or other such narcotics.
-Someone who is involved in numerous shady activities
-Might get with underage asian girls
-"You hear about Alex Torres? He sells crack...and a bunch of other drugs too it turns out."
-"Yeh hes a big crack dealer, he steals playstations too if you want one..."
by ShallionStallion January 25, 2007
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1. One who sells crack for a living or just to "cop" hot gear and new Jordans. In most "hoods", this type of dealer is called a "fly bumb ass nigga". Fly, expressing their gear (nice clothing) and bumb ass nigga meaning... well, a bumb ass nigger.
2. Predominantly an African American occupation. This particular species tends to sell to their own kind (see self anialation).
3. What 98% of rappers claim to be but in all honesty have never even stepped on a street corner other than to wait for mommy to pick them up from private school.
1. Rakim: Yo son! did you see Raheems new Jordans?
Dasheen: Yeh yo, dem shits iz hot son. i think dat nigga is pushin crack son. How else is someone gonna afford a hunnid dolla pair of sneakas?

2. Officer 1: "we're looking for a crack dealer to bust"
Officer 2: "Look at that nigger! He's about 4 foot 9 to about 6 foot 6, weighing anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds, and he's wearing Jordans! We got him!"
by Reynaldo P. January 20, 2006
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a black male, usually between the ages of 16-38, answers mainly to "Red", "Black", "Dread", or any single letter of the alphabet. Qualifications include:
1) must always have a full voice mail box
2) must always be within 15-25 minutes away from anywhere
3) must own the biggest, loudest, most noticable car,as well as a keen knack for undesired attention from law enforcement
4) !!!VERY IMPORTANT!!! Must be able to live in another time dimension at least 45 minutes behind Earth.
"Red is sending his cousin,Black over. He is on I 95, and will be here in 15 minutes. Please look out for his neon green Impala with christmas lights.....
crack dealer
by C- MAMIE October 17, 2007
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(N.) Apparently, th crack dealer to 50 Cent. Also, is th crack dealer to Mother Tucker and Jessica Simpson aka J-Simp in da' hood.
Them niggas they just Suck, they no aint good
I ain't never heard a nigga say they like them in the hood
I'm back better than ever, on top of my game
Even them country boys sayin "50 we feelin you mayne"
Now you stay the f*ck outta my zone, outta my throne
I'm New York City's own...BAD GUY!
by G-Union December 18, 2003
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