yeh i thought it was a pretty good definition ive also been saying yes to all your definitions they are pretty good ngl
yo have you heard of Big craigs crack dealership
yeah they are pretty good at definitions
by Some_Person_Was_Taken May 09, 2020
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Big Mac my Crack is when a guy over 600 pounds cosplaying as Ronald Mc Donald sticks his tiny penis into a really hot girl's ass while singing all of lil pump's songs. 100 people need to circle the fat Ronald Mc Donald and his hot ass victim while masturbating. They will also have to dress up as the joker. When the fat fuck is done singing the beautiful songs he will have to kill the hot ass chick and eat her heart. Then the devil will be summon and he will kill all the 100 masturbating cunts. The fat fuck's tiny cock will explode and the fat fuck will die. If this is repeated 666 times hitler will come back. Hitler become a giant cyborg ninja nigger.
Have you seen one of those Big Mac the Crack Rituals , that fat fucks penis exploded like the twin towers.
by Mr.Shiboolingafoolin January 06, 2018
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