1. A hilarious flash video based on the game series "Metal Gear Solid." Google "Crab Battle" to view.

2. When one man meets a Cave Demon.
1. "Ergh...C...CRAB BATTLE!!!"

2. "Ergh...C...CRAB BATTLE!!!"
by Mehro May 29, 2005
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An event or circumstance set to take place in the future which, if attended/experienced, can be predicted to produce catastrophic results for the individual expressing the term, including but not limited to serious injury and/or death.
Brian: "News is the DOOM movie /might/ not suck."

Jason: "Yeah, right. I declare it a crab battle."

Brian: "Stop saying that!"
by Blank September 21, 2005
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Words uttered to incite an all in brawl. Whoever says the words 'Crab Battle' will usually be spear tackled to the ground by anyone else present, and all parties will then engage in a fight to the death.
Steve: "hey did you see that new movie that came out-"
John: "CRAB BATTLE!!!"

*Steve spear tackles John*
by lysdexiar31 March 14, 2007
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a sheet of paper that has the words "Crab battle" written on it. Also may have a smiley on it. Used to commemorate an occasion usually at a random time.
Any one want a commemorative crab battle. To commemorate this day.
by Jai the Awsome May 15, 2007
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A crab manufactured in a laboratory in north-eastern Russia. Has ak-47s for arms. Currently in development by Sir Pizza.
Don’t worry, this base has never been raided-OH SHIT IS THAT A BATTLE CRAB?!?!
by Pizzapzy July 10, 2021
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