The loudest, most passionate, instructional, scariest, intense, motivating 6-7 minutes in sports where a coxswain pushes his/her crew team through the pain and fatigue through a 2k at a regatta.
That coxswains coxing won their crew first place!
by The Coxswain May 9, 2011
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Putting everything you got into something or %110 in what ever your doing.. It can be Sports, sex, work, drinking, smoking, walking, turtling, cleaning or even masterbating!!
"Man last night I was coxing it at the pub all night !! I even picked up this chic and took her home and coxed her all night.. She even started coxing me when I woke up.."
"How was your day at work?? I was coxing it all day at work and got lots done!! " Best day Evehh!!
by Hammer Snappy December 1, 2011
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1. Exclamation used to express joy at the fact that one's parent's facebook account has been hacked and utilized to denote a "favorite" child via facebook status.

2. Denigratory expression directed at fellow siblings when they realize that you are in fact the favorite.
1. facebook status reads: Kate loves Cara more than Mady

comment 1: Kate, Cara is playing with your account

comment 2: coxed!

2. To siblings: Did you see mom's fb status? You got coxed!
by southparkwaffles August 16, 2010
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short for "coxswain"-- which is a short and light person who attempts to motivate their rowers by telling them to not to focus on the pain but just make them 'proud'
Wow, that cox is really loud and unmotivating
by Loges June 29, 2006
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coal extracted from ground
cox ce-i ala cox (cox what is cox)
by paharcornelius November 8, 2021
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The last name of many great people who typically are insanely fast runners and incredibly smart, funny and all around good to hang around.
Did you see that guy pull a Cox and run a 15:00 5k the other day? pretty insane huh?
by SteveAlamillo October 11, 2012
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An american cable TV/Internet company, whose company name was probably created by some drunk with his hand in his pants.
Cox Communications, your friend in the digital age. rofl
by [c0x0r] December 12, 2004
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