poeple who cant/wont face their problems head on, poeple who run when they have fear, usually of the unknown
cowards will run when they are frightened
by aggbag September 20, 2005
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when you’re scared to add the hype to the set list you are a coward tyler jospeh is the biggest coward
you’re out of the band josh, said tyler the coward
by Endkwnc April 03, 2019
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1.) A human being that physically has male reproductive organs but doesn't know the first thing about being a real man.

2.) a person who boasts about what an awesome liar he is (like it's something to be proud of) but when his lies come back to bite him in the ass, he runs away and lacks the balls to face those he's lied to.
Ryan is such a coward!
by Hateslyinghypocriticalcowards December 20, 2010
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Any person or persons who choose to dedicate hours or minutes of their lives eavesdropping on conversations, spying, committing slander, stalking, etc. all because they were too afraid to say anything to the individual face-to-face. There are multiple extremely good examples of this among all groups of gossips.
"Did you hear what so-and-so did last night?"

"No, I'm not an eavesdropping coward. I actually have a life."

"Well, I..."

"I don't need to hear it. It's fine if you're a worthless coward but I'm not. Get a fucking life you two-bit LOSER. "
by BlueDEMON15 November 20, 2011
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Someone who runs and hides when adversity strikes or shit gets real. Would rather hide than take responsibility for their actions.
"You remember that Andy guy?"
"Yeah! How are things?
"Oh well we broke up but he knocked me up and is now refusing to take any responsibility"
"What a coward!"
"I know, right... Andy is an effing coward and a fraud."
by rockstarkitten1805 December 23, 2014
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A man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her....
Juan Mauricio is a coward for doing Diana the way he....
by Lovemy2deez January 07, 2018
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a person who picks on little people to make themselves feel big
Josh was a coward. He would always pick on or hit Jake because Jake was small, but when it came to someone his own size, he wasnt too big anymore.
by Folisha December 27, 2010
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