a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
Boy 1: You’re a coward!
Boy 2: So I’m Tyler Joseph? Huh, thanks!
by Softboyd March 13, 2019
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someone who makes plans with you and when he can't make it because he spent his gas money on weed he can't even text you to tell you so he just blows you off.
dan could have just texted to tell me he couldn't make it but he's a coward.
by your messed up February 05, 2011
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someone who timidly avoids a challenger or adversity
Tim is such a coward because he allows he's wife to go on a date with her ex-husband.
by Gerard Irick November 10, 2009
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After SouthPark produced their 200th episode, containing Mohammad, C. Central chose to bleep his name from episode 201, and then pull the episode from subsequent T.V. based airings due to threats of violence from a radical muslim extremist group who held zero clout or power what-so-ever.

"Did you hear? They pulled SouthPark for talkin bout muslims."
"Shit. At least THEO VAN GOGH wasn't a coward."
by PhilDorchester April 22, 2010
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1. A person who makes plans to get it in, but backs out at the last minute

2. When your friend is getting mugged right in front of you, but instead of helping you runs away like a little bitch.
The lil' General didn't see any action last night because Joe is a coward.

I've never seen someone abandon a friend as quickly as Gatti did when those muggers approached us.
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by Vegetable_Lasagna October 24, 2017
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