Area code for most parts of Jersey City, NJ. Also refers to the city itself.
Hometown? 201, nig.
by Therese B. March 16, 2006
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The street number of the address of the jail in Memphis, TN.
My cuz is doin' a 11/30 down at 201, mane.
by Pixie731 August 24, 2007
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When twenty large men take advantage of a petite woman in a violent way
Big bunny:"wanna try the 201?"
Lil' Tammy:"Of course!"
by Dat totally real dood May 11, 2018
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201 - Jail In Memphis Tn

201 poplar ave is the address of the jail in Memphis Tn.

Locals & Rappers are referring to the jail when they say 201
Girlll don’t make me mad and catch a charge down at the 201!
by Rio1 October 14, 2020
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The greatest part of New Jersey and possibly the greatest part of the United States. Home to a new breed of savages and baddies
Damn, I want to hit up The 201. It’s always lit out there
by NVOTsFinest February 5, 2018
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No matter how much you shake, it will always dribble.
In the men's toilet, rule 201 always apply's
by RC_1827 July 27, 2011
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the best foyer of eim is foyer 201 and yousef is wrong
by yousef is stopid October 14, 2020
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