A very intelligent, nice, and beautiful. She has the sweetness of a butterfly, but the strength of a lion. NEVER call her "cute" or "adorable" call her things like "menacing" or "vicious" If you have a Courtney in your life.. never let her go.
I wish i was dating Courtney
by CorruptSoul January 05, 2017
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A Courtney is an odd type of person, whose hobbies include laughing and mocking snobs and bullys. She will often eat your candy and steal your soul.
A Courtney ate my candy, so now I won't get fat!
by crazyawesomeauthor July 04, 2009
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Noun: A once and future Queen of Narnia!

An amazing, badass with many aliases, who is freakishly strong, hilarious, loyal, and a drop dead gorgeous person who happens to also be my best friend.
Courtney kicked ass in The Battle.
by Gwen M.D. November 06, 2009
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The sweetest girl in the universe. Soooo sexy, she will refuse to accept how beautiful she actually is. The most fun, talentied, and amazing girl you will ever meet. Her eyes cut from stars, cute as a button, beauty with brains.... and the sexiest ASS I've ever seen. One of a kind, true lady...you better keep this one!! Also has a thing for Chad's.
You are the best I will ever have. I love you, Courtney!!
by dzntmater020 February 02, 2010
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a sweet caring person who will do things to make others happy at the cost of her own happiness. Lives by saying as long as the ones she loves are happy, she's happy. Usually incredibly cute but not hot. kind of weird and peppy in a cute way. also can be very naive or extremely mature depending on the situation. Can read even the smallest and most hidden emotions on people. Knows a lot about love and can give awesome advice except when it comes to her own love situations.
"That girl is so sweet and naive! She is such a courtney!"
by Koboshi&Hanon September 30, 2009
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She's a super loyal and trust worthy friend. She will stick by your side through think and thin. She's is also really funny and can brighten up your day. She can get jealous at times but gets over it fast. She also loves anybody and everybody... She's not quick to judge others. She is defiantly closer with her friends than with her family.
Woooooow I want Courtney as my bff!
by Urbndic January 10, 2012
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A girl who is really short and her personality is bigger than her. She is extremely loud and seems rude to people who don't know her. Close friends know she's actually a really caring person but gets annoyed easily by other people. Once you get her to open up you will find that she is really funny and loves to laugh at her own stupidity. She has gorgeous eyes and perfect eyelashes. She loves sports, especially football. If you play football, it's a major plus and she will probably fall in love with you. Everyone loves Courtney and wants to be her friend once you get to know her. All of the guys want her. So ladies better watch out because she'll steal your man.
Me: I choose that guy
Courtney: I choose the one with the six pack and blonde hair

Me: You can have him, if get the one with the nice arms
by Jabucbsc February 13, 2014
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