1. An amazingly beautiful woman whom everyone aspires to be as fun and charming as. Men pine over her and women are jealous of her. Courtney has all of the most beautiful features that a woman can have. She is the one who men crave to have. This is 100% because of her personality. Courtney could be ugly and everyone would still love her because of her fun loving and amazing ways. Courtney's ideal mate would be a male who would care for her through all things and never intentionally cause her pain. Courtney deserves the world, and the world she shall be given. Her ideal mate at this time would be someone whos name starts with a C.
Ashleigh: I wish I was as cool as that Courtney chick..
Ashleigh's boyfriend: I wish you were too... :/
by TheCas3yB May 17, 2010
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Courtney is someone amazing. she is definitely not a slut. all the guys want her and all the girls are jealous of her, which makes her absolutely awesome in every way. Shes very easy to fall in love with, and she can have you fallen for her in 2 seconds. Once you actually get to know her shes the nicest person and is an awesome bestfriend :D She loves giving advice, can be self centered at times. Has the worst temper so dont get her mad. shes always looking to have a good time and is very funny. Usually has the most beautiful eyes. if your not good enough for her she'll let you know ;
Dont fuck with courtney, she'll steal your man no matter what, and he'll agree because she gets any guy she wants.

the most down to earth bitch i know
id be jealous tooo.
courtney is so hott and amazing i wish she was my girlfriend, - uhm im your girlfriend?
by theeebestttteverr. January 23, 2010
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An amazing girl, who is beautiful and who many people hate on. She's a nice person if only people would give her a chance.
Wow, that girl is so pretty and nice, she must be a Courtney.
by burton10 June 20, 2010
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That girl you start out not to like then, get to know her and become great friends with her, yall almost become family, a Courtney will do anything to keep a good friend sticking around. She's very kind and smart, and her family is too. Her family will treat you like one of them.
"Yalls family is a Courtney family."
by "That Girl15" December 31, 2009
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An attractive, kind-hearted person. One that is well liked by all that she is around.
That Courtney is my cousin!
by broomballer February 03, 2010
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1. i popular female name. sometimes given to guys; shortnened "court". it usually annoys courtneys to be called "court"

2. a beautiful girl who is usually well dressed and envied

3. a girl who you want to kiss
person-"wow that girl's really pretty"
other person-"yeah thats court"
courtney-"don't call me that you bitch"
by foxxyybrown January 24, 2010
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Not only is Courtney not a whore, but she's also not an evil, malicous or spawn of anything bad. She is fun, loud, the life of the party. She is kind, generous and has a HUGE heart! She loves her family! Courtney is not a sex fiene or someone who would ever have an STD. You are stupid if you think that of a Courtney.
I wish i could be a Courtney
by SaysaCourtney February 04, 2010
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