A: Hey, have you seen this guy?
B: Yeah! He's so courteous! Do these people still exist?
by Seriouslywhocares December 30, 2013
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Courteous means to be respectful towards others
"Be courteous to your neighbors at Slab city or they will shoot you."
"Ariana Grande is courteous towards all the papparazzis. She once invited them to dinner!"
by High Chieftan October 04, 2018
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A courteous fart is one that is loudly audible but leaves absolutely no smell.
Jon let loose this massive courteous fart. Weird thing is, there was no smell!
by Weave November 22, 2004
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A group of people who ride bicycles together while obeying traffic laws, and showing common polite behavior for roadway travel. Similar to "critical mass", only with a positive attitude, pleasant phrases, and very little spitting. Examples include the Bike Party in San Jose, CA, and the Maroon Bike Project Courteous Mass in College Station, TX, and many other polite group bicycle rides in other cities.
Bicyclist: "Hello there! We'll be coming down the road on your right side. Thank you for noticing us. Happy Friday! It's Courteous Mass!"

Motorist: "Hello! Happy Friday to you too! What a nice group of people riding bicycles together. Such a lovely activity! I'll gladly share the public road with them anytime!"
by orangek July 21, 2011
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the disposition of one who feels bad about turning down advances from members of the same sex who have gotten the wrong idea, and so ends up leading them on further.
Person 1: Wow, John has been talking to that guy for a long time. I didn't know he's gay.

Person 2: Na, this happens a lot. He's not gay, just bi-courteous.
by verbalhygiene May 08, 2014
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A person, especially one who is annoying or contemptible, or commits acts that are considered rude, abrasive, or against the social norm, but does so politely, having or showing good manners.
That courteous fuck just cut me off, but at least she waved.
by Tracy Kaos March 04, 2015
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