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The little yellow icon on google maps that you click and drag onto the map to see the street view. He looks like an old-timey clothes peg and a man, ergo PEGMAN!
Two friends looking at a map online:

Friend 1: Hey, drag the pegman onto the map so we can see the street view.

Friend 2: Is the pegman the little orange guy you click and drag onto the map to see the street view?

Friend 1: Yes.
by orangek May 27, 2011
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The little person one drags around in Google Street View is called "pegman", because he is shaped like a clothes peg. A clothes peg is an old-fashioned clothes pin that does not have any metal or moving parts. A clothes peg is often seen in old-timey movies on a person's nose when they must drink something that tastes nasty.
Two friends are looking at an online map together to find directions to a place. One friend says, "Hey, drag the pegman onto the map so we can see the street view."
by orangek May 4, 2011
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The time of day when the sun is setting, when adults think it's too dark for kids to keep playing outside. The kids, however, insist there is still enough light out to keep playing for a while longer because it's not all the way dark yet. The adults think it's too dark out because they've been sitting in the house with lights on.
Mom yelling outside: "Kids, come inside. It's dark out there! Come in and wash, supper's almost ready!"

Kids: "Aw mom! It's not too dark out, we can still see the ball! It's only adult dark. 10 more minutes!"
by orangek October 9, 2011
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A group of people who ride bicycles together while obeying traffic laws, and showing common polite behavior for roadway travel. Similar to "critical mass", only with a positive attitude, pleasant phrases, and very little spitting. Examples include the Bike Party in San Jose, CA, and the Maroon Bike Project Courteous Mass in College Station, TX, and many other polite group bicycle rides in other cities.
Bicyclist: "Hello there! We'll be coming down the road on your right side. Thank you for noticing us. Happy Friday! It's Courteous Mass!"

Motorist: "Hello! Happy Friday to you too! What a nice group of people riding bicycles together. Such a lovely activity! I'll gladly share the public road with them anytime!"
by orangek July 21, 2011
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A person who temps another person into doing something they know better than to do.
Nurse: "Sir, would you like the chicken, or the steak?"
Patient: "I'll have the chicken. I'm on a diet"
Nurse: "would you like french fries or carrots?"
Patient: "I'll have the carrots. I'm trying to loose some weight."
Nurse: "would you like a piece of the banana cream pie?"
Patient: "Oh, you silver tongued savage!"
by orangek July 2, 2011
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An awkward or unsuccessful first experience, followed by better, highly successful subsequent experiences of the same kind. Like when you make a batch of pancakes: The first one turns out messed-up because you're out of practice or haven't made pancakes before. The second and following pancakes come out perfectly round and golden.
Girl 1: "My new boyfriend is so great, but when we had sex for the first time, it was awkward and terrible. I hope it gets better. I really like him and he likes me."

Girl 2: "Be patient. It's just like the first pancake. I'm sure it will get better."
by orangek September 2, 2010
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A way to downplay the buzzkill of "waiver" when a group activity is fun, cool, and only slightly dangerous. To be used when: "Please sign the waiver" sounds too uptight.

"Waiver" to "Waivage" has the same semantics as "doobie" going to "doobage", and "acre" going to "acreage".
Group Bike Ride Organizer: "Hey gang, sign the waivage before we take off"

Group Bike Ride Participant: "That's cool. I already signed it. I'm ready to haul!"
by orangek July 21, 2011
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