When the perceived attractiveness of a girl diminishes as she gets closer
Guy 1: "Hey dude look at this chick walking up, she looks pretty cute"

Guy 2: "Yeah she looks to be about an 8..wait maybe a 7...6...5...4...3..2..OH GOD WHAT WAS THAT THING?!"

Guy 1: "Never underestimate the countdown"
by Jonan2012 November 1, 2010
A girl that from a distance looks like a 10 out of 10, until she starts coming closer you then begin the 'countdown' from 10 until she's right up close you realise in fact she's only a 2!
"Shit mate, check out this Sheila over there, she's a 10! Hang on she's coming over here, countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 aaaaarrrrrrgggggghh!
by Plummdogg March 31, 2016
a kool ass tv game show programme which makes fuck all sense and the winner doesn't get any money from it
countdown is koo lets go watch it
by fred September 29, 2004
A news program on MSNBC, hosted by Keith Olbermann. Famous for the host's signature wit and political commentary, as well as daily features, such as "Oddball" and "Worst Person in the World." Preceded on MSNBC's prime time lineup by "Hardball with Chris Matthews," followed typically by "Scarborough Country."
Last night I watched "Countdown" on MSNBC.
by ShadowCell April 18, 2007
when you are addicted to looking at the count down of months/days/hours/minutes/seconds until the release of a long awaited movie/book/game on the website for said movie/book/game in a desperate attempt to make the time till its release go faster.
'Hey Alice'. said Jane. 'are you looking forward to the release of the New Moon movie?' 'Yeah.' said Alice. 'I am! I have major countdownitis, I've been staring at the website for hours!'

(*note. I just used the names of my to favourite twilight characters for the example.)
by Suzy Turquoise Blue October 21, 2009
AIDS, or the battle a brother faces after contracting HIV from the red snapper of a neighborhood skeeza or hoodrat.
" he was straight up hittin the skins, you know...shifting some organs. Next day he all coughing and jivin on some Countdown shit"
by BrianPatrick March 6, 2007
The Countdown is when you're receiving oral pleasure from a young lady and she stops to ask you not to slime in her mouth. You agree that'll you'll give her a countdown before you do your business, she smiles and carries on. Just before you slime you start The Countdown from 5 and on the count of 3 you let out a blood curdling scream of 'In the moo' and jiz in her mouth while holding onto the back of her head.
I was getting a gammy off of this wee bird last week and I gave her The Countdown, she wasn't impressed.
by murdo83 June 21, 2007