A fluffy subsence that is made up of sugar and food colouring, you could even say it's a drop of heaven.
One guy: "man, that was some good cotton candy."
Other guy:"don't you mean some good heaven?"
One guy:"ummmmmmm"
by SplatterZee88 February 13, 2017
Pussy; the cotton being the hair, and the candy being the pink hole and surrounding pink areas.
Juggalo A: Did she shave the cotton off?
Juggalo B: Hell yeah dog, straight candy.
by StillBorn April 29, 2003
Cotton Candi is slang for Pure form of Etizolam ( benzodiazepine analog) known for it's similarities to xanax

It is an anti anxiety medication originating in India and japan

It's slang name deprives from the etizest brand known for it's high quality and hot pink color
Eric : dude I just wana get high and float on some pink clouds of cotton candi
by 585brave August 25, 2014

1) Spun sugar that results in a whispy confectionery, typically merchandised in a see-thru plastic bag, or on a paper cone.

2) When a man or woman's pubic hair has a sweet taste and aroma from their body soap.
Clown: "Would you like a taste of COTTON CANDY from my bag, little boy?"

Dad: "Hey, fuck you faggot, get your sick sugar-dick outta here."

Tim: "I muff-dived into Sheila's pussy last night and munched on that shit like it was COTTON CANDY."
by Mejosh March 23, 2009