A ‘Verb’ used to describe the act of ‘hanging out’ in a causal manner.
You wanna like… cotch at mine or yours?
(Would you prefer to casually relax at my place or yours?)

Na man is like better at yours init.
(I would prefer yours good friend)
by Jorden January 1, 2005
The Act in which one is relaxing, maintaining little ir no movement (maybe due to narcotics or simply just tired), an advanced version of chilling
Oi blad what you sayin....nutin man jus cotchin...ahh seen seen
by Sags July 29, 2003
To hang out somehwere
We jus been cotchin pon street
>We've been hanging out in the streets<
by leila November 1, 2003
to hang around somewhere to loiter. or to go somewhere else
im gonna go cotch over ther cus
by thales July 30, 2003
Greeting, as in "Hello"
(a way of greeting someone in a gleeful way)
by TheDufster March 15, 2005
1. To relax. 2. A comfortable seat. 3. A relaxing place or seat. 4. To 'hang out' and relax with others.

"I'll be out later, I'm cotchin at the mo."
Meaning I will meet you later, I'm relaxing at the moment.

"Come cotch at mine."
Meaning come and relax at my home.

"let's go to my cotch."
Meaning lets go to my relaxing, comfortable place.

"ah man dis is a cotch."
Meaning this is very comfortable.

by Sunshine Girl July 26, 2006
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