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The best place in Oregon for multiple types of beaver.
Let's head up to Corvallis and check out the Beavers, dude!
by Wildside February 17, 2011
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College town(OSU Beavers-Orange/Black), 45 min from the coast, 2 hrs from Portland, between Salem and Eugene, a "safe environment to raise children." Filled with mostly old people in the summer and college kids during the school year. Its a chill place, a hippy town, home of CHS and CVHS (CHS=bands, stoners, drugs, kids actually good at sports, great theater program, originality. CVHS=kids whose parents buy them out of their problems, big new birthday cars, bitches, drugs, hollister/abercrombie, school in the middle of nowhere.). You can safely assume that 90% of all the adults in town either work at OSU or HP. Corvallis is also the home of two Beanerys, two American Dreams, a beautiful riverfront along the polluted Willamette river, Bald Hill, the Benton County Fair, Oddfellows-hall, Interzone, Soup shop, bike shops, art stuck/painted on every other downtown building, mexican drug raids, and the many new boutique stores that keep popping up everywhere that no one in Corvallis can afford to shop at. Except CVHS kids.

Corvallis' weather is nothing to brag about. It hardly ever snows, and when it does and schools get a day off, students have to make days up on other holidays like Presidents day. It rains alot. At the same time it's usually sunny. You can say you're from Corvallis when you've had pouring down rain in half your back yard and sun in the other half. Durring the summer it can get very hot. Thats when it's time to escape to the coast.

Corvallis can safely say it's the only town out there that is lucky enough to host Davinci Days. The few days durring the summer when the hippies get to do their thing while street performers, bands, and kenetic sculptures roam the downtown.
Corvallis inhabitant walking down campus, sees friend: heyyy hannah! wanna hang out later? Lets head to American Dream and catch an artsy movie at the darkside.

Portlander watching from pita pit: WTF how does everyone know everyone in this frikkin town?!?
by getdancy_yo April 23, 2007
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