A rather boring city where not much happens.
I don't know what the hell the other definitions are talking about with drug usage, mild poverty and whatnot, but I'm guessing it's coming from some idiot rivalry between high schoolers regarding West Linn Highschool and Oregon City High School.
It's pretty fucking retarded.
Some students at West Linn burnt down a tree that was a memorial to a dead high schooler and some OCHS students burnt the West Linn football field so it will be difficult to run in or some shit (BURNT, okay. Think about that) because of this bullshit.
Overall, nothing fucking happens in Oregon City. It's a small-ass territory with a moderate population middle class people where nothing fucking happens. Ever.

I WISH there was poverty here. Then at least shit would happen over here and I'd have an actual reputation to be proud of.

If there are a substantially higher number of drug usage in Oregon City (Oregon itself is a liberal state. I mean, come on) it's probably because there isn't shit to do here.

If you want to do something while you're living in Oregon City, 95% of the time you'll go outside of Oregon City to do it. The most exciting thing here is a grocery store.

If you are raised here chances are you'll move out of it when you get the chance.

There is however a community college over here that is surprisingly very good... If you ignore the fact that society doesn't give a shit about community college and gives it a bad rap.
John: I live in Oregon City and do not own a car.
Rickardo: That sucks. You must be bored as hell
John: ... Yep... My sense of entertainment has died over time. I wouldn't even care if I died. I'd just sort of pass it off like a pothead...
*grabs a pocket knife and stabs John in the arm*
John: Thanks Rick. That was the most interesting thing that's happened all year.
You're the best friend ever Rick.
Rickardo: Any time John. Any time.
by Squiggy McGee December 3, 2010
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A relative slum when compared to West Linn. Oregon City is near the end of the Oregon Trail; it is located on the more impoverished side of the Willamette River. Oregon City's claim to fame is the dynastic, nationally-ranked girl's high school basketball teams of the late 90's, and an elevator. Does the elevator still work? Anyway, the kids there have inordinately high rates of drug usage and teen pregnancy and low academic performance. It's the kind of town you rise up out of, not be proud that it's your home.
Oregon City might fairly be called a dystopia, but they do have a Taco Bell and a Walgreen's, which is more than can be said about West Linn.
by Benjamin Fatbody June 3, 2004
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A small town with mild poverty. A very good female sports program. There is a few drug problems and drinking, but they are a lot poorer than west linn so they can't buy the good stuff. Not many really rich people. The people there actually have personality and are not all clones, unlike LO. Most people think that girls from OC are sluts. They have one of the best drama programs in the 3 rivers.
WL girl- so what school do you go to?

you- OC

WL girl- oh you mean Whoregon city! Go away, you might have crabs.
by bcbcbcbcbcbc November 8, 2007
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a bunch of hoes and fuck boys HAHAHAHAHA
random girl : “what school do you go to?”
guy : “i go to Oregon city high school”

girl: “oh so u fucking 2728282 bitches rn?”
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when you pour Dr. Pepper down her back, stick cotton candy in her ear, and cum on her face
Loudmouth: whatcha do last night?

Cack: gave my girl an Oregon City Bulldog
by LoudmouthLisa November 9, 2009
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A term used in Oregon City, Oregon for the act of running down a set of bleachers while squirting feces out when you jump to mirror the fetal position. The feces can be liquid or log form. This is a common practice for young kids in Oregon City when they are methed out. A common result of this is when you get the real stanky leg, or drippy stanky leg.
Jordan does the Oregon City Jumpman Johnson everyday that ends in Y.
by IownYou24 July 16, 2009
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