when you try to talk someone, and they ignore you, mainly due to the fact that they have little ipod earphones in.

" dude, i totally got corsied by meghan last night, I kept talking she kept walking "
by anthonybearryan October 15, 2008
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To mercilessly berate or criticize something in an extremely judgemental and vitriolic manner.
"I tried to take Jason to see Transporter 2 with me but he was acting like a huge corsi and wouldn't stop bitching."
by KidKero September 9, 2005
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The dad of the group who wishes they could pull off waves. Nickname is finger guns. Tries to full send then ends up puking, try to snap this guy you will get a response of the corner of his face.
(Someone’s puking): Dude Don’t be such a Danny Corsi
by Yomomma117 July 18, 2021
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the drop from pavement (sidewalk) to the road,
stop running down corsi edge! you'll slip off and break your ankle.
by kirsty van wijk March 31, 2006
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