The act of

1) spreading melted butter and salt on a girls titties
2) proceeding to titty fuck her, thereby covering your penis with said butter and salt
3) getting fellated, which will taste like fresh corn on the cob
Antoinette: Hey Stan, did you bring the butter and salt?
Stan: Yeah, get ready for some mean corncobbing
by Pat Miledgy September 11, 2011
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1. When performing fellatio, licking or kissing up and down the shaft of the penis rather than taking the head in one's mouth; implies that the fellatio is unskilled, ignorant, or that the giver is bafflingly trying to perform "original" fellatio.

2. In music, when a musician or composer picks an unusual chord or phrase, in order to seem unique, when something simpler and more satisfying will do.
1. "I lost my hard-on because she was just corncobbing me."

2. "Why didn't he just play an E chord? He's just corncobbing."
by peripatetic June 23, 2006
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When a guy is worried that a girl might have some form of a STD. Just to be safe when he recieves a blow job, he requests she doesnt get the tip wet. Only the sides are safe for the blowjob.
Guy 1- Damn bro, that girl you hooked up with last night probably had an Std.
Guy 2- Don't worry dude, she just corncobbed me.
Guy 1- Your safe then, no worries.
by JSideas February 15, 2019
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to be screwed over on any sort of in any way. Use of word ranges from buying a used car to being cut off in traffic. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out it literally means to be fucked in the ass with a corncob.
Ben: "Hey Curtis, what did you get on your english essay?"
Curtis: I got--
Ben: I got an A!
Curtis: an F.
Ben: ...
Curtis: The english teacher really corncobbed me on that one
Ben: yep...
by goatrenter March 25, 2012
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Something you do to your boyfriends cock. DO NOT use your teeth but 'nibble' up and down the shaft gumming him. Yummy.
I took his cock with my hand and I nibbled it with my lips over my teeth. He wiggled in delite as I corncobbed him.
by Elle MDLS July 02, 2007
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Once thought to be the source of a medical condition known as "corncobitis", often associated with old age and which is easily diagnosed by the following symptoms:
- slow, deliberate gait
- facial expression of anxiety or constipation
- slightly bent over posture with prominent protrusion of the buttocks

Treatment is surgical removal of the corncob. However, research has determined that in many patients, there is no actual corncob or other foreign object in the rectum and in such cases there is no known cure.
Check out that old geezer. Reckon he's packin' a corncob?
by Noah Webster, Jr. February 17, 2005
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