A bad dude who ran a bunch of bad boys. A razor-armed gang leader in Wilmington, Delaware, who was confronted and stared down by then-lifeguard Joe Biden and a six-foot chain.
CornPop thought he ran the swimming pool, but he was vanquished by Joe Biden.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 30, 2019
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When you make up a story to show how tuff you were when you were in high school
Country89 cornpoped a story about how he beat up a tuba player in high school on a message board
by corntuff September 19, 2019
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better than popcorn. the best snack youll ever have, trust me
eats cornpop. gives cornpop.
by DJ1K December 2, 2021
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When one male's testicle(s) enters a woman's vagina for sexual gratification.
I cornpopped your mom last night, it was delightful.
by Cheesey2freesy June 5, 2022
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when a girl queefs out cum when a guy jizzes in her vagina
leon asked selene to cornpop but she didn't want to .
by whatsaian November 30, 2009
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The infamous Arch Nemesis of Joe Biden who tried to slash him with a rusty straight razor because he was not allowed to put pomade on his hair in the pool, while Joe Biden was the lifeguard on Duty. Also now an NFT collection
Now Corny Cornpop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys! Joe Biden
by corny cornpop March 7, 2023
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