When you remove her tampon and stick it in her arse, then fuck her pussy as it oozes blood

Also see Sporked when you fuck in the spoon position having plugged her arse with the tampon
by Working Class Hero January 2, 2021
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When a female is on period and currently has a tampon in, preventing anything from coming out or going in.
Damn, that chick was such a bitch. She must be corked.
by Hilary and Dennis October 6, 2009
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Angry, mad, or upset
possibly softball related
also Torqued
by FrenchFry May 23, 2004
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I was about to make my move on that hot guy at the bar, until that fake-titted whore corked me!
by Eats Paste March 28, 2010
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When a woman's air passage is blocked by a man's penis, and therefore cannot breathe.
Jane: "Oh my God! How did she die??"
Coroner: "It seemed she was corked and suffocated to death ma'am."
Jane: "Oh... Ew."
by SammyBoi720 February 14, 2020
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Pouring juice into ones anal cavity, then corking it with a butt plug, allowing the juice to firment into wine.
"Wow I'm thirsty but we drank all the wine"
"I got you man. I've been corking all week."
by Rab1s September 13, 2016
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the act of placing ones thumb over the hole in their penis to prolong ejaculation.
I was jerking off one day but i realized i had no were to squirt my jizz... so i wined up corking it. It hurt.
by spank mehard January 7, 2011
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