A "Corey" or "Mr Duff" is actually quite photogenic...unlike the previous suggestions under "Cori". This name is given to a boy who is handsome, trustworthy and smart...many people would love to be "Corey"
Guy: OMG look at that Corey guy on his crutches...what a geek
Girl: You just wish you were Corey cause he's so cool
by Strawberries:) September 18, 2007
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Corey is the most amazing guy in the world. He chooses to put others first before himself because he want everyone to be happy before he gets anything he wants. He is very sweet but can also be very sexy. He knows how to do what he knows how to do;) Corey tends to be in love with people who's name start with "ME....." He loves to love and he loves to be loved. Corey is the most wonderful guy in the world. He knows how to make is girlfriend/fiancé/wife know that they are worth it and wonderful and his only. He can be very jealous but only for the person he loves. He tends to keep his feelings to himself to protect the person he loves. sometimes, he lies to protect her too.. When corey loves someone he devotes all of his love to her. Any girl that has Corey, is very lucky!
You have Corey? Dang I wish I had a Corey.
by Truth_of_it_all December 24, 2016
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A complete fuck-up beyond actual belief.
due to doing something before you think it out.
Guy 1: So, I heard your constipated ass decided to mix your red bull and vodka with exlax last night.

Guy 2: Uh..... yeah. I owe Steve a new shag rug

Guy 1: Well, that kind of corey is gonna stick with your reputation for a while.
by TalcumLowder February 04, 2011
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a guy who thinks he's extremely good looking when he however looks like a sloth.
Corey: Im sexy and i know it!
by VineyIsADick December 16, 2011
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A horny, female creature(similar to an Emily) with short blondish-orangeish hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin
OH MY GOD! I think it's a Corey!!! RUN!!!
by misskitty13 July 07, 2011
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Hey ladies if you find one take him to your basement and fuck his brains out.Always has a humongous cock.He will fuck your momma,aunty,sister,gandmother,and he will make your brother turn gay with just a simple "Hello".Yah bitches better get ready to get them cheeks spread and love that dick.A Corey's dick is always at least 9 inches soft,and at least 10 inches when hard.He loves latina's and foreign woman.He dont fuck wit white bitches.These only apply if he is black tho.
Girl 1:Damn,bitch I tell you I got a Corey last night
Girl 2:How big?
Girl 1:I was passed out for most of it,there was 3 ova girls,and he was at least 12 inches when he was soft.14 inches when hard.
by LYDD May 29, 2019
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