A hot sexy man with a models body and brown hair. Coreys are sweet, funny and very sassy at times. But they are also very cute and adorable and fun to talk to. Coreys are true gentleman and it is a pleasure to know one.

Also coco is a common nickname for Coreys
Corey is sexy
by catlover696969 January 05, 2013
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A man who has no intellegance, is a known cheater. Most Corey's are destined to be alone.
That man is going to end up being a Corey
by Red92 November 07, 2011
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a giant man whore who will just want you for sex
michelle: "hey corey tried to get me to hookup with him lastnight"
brittany: "wow what a man whore"
by weeeoo December 08, 2011
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Corey is such a cute boy. He is athletic and the fastest in his class/year. He often gets pushed around by his best friend who starts with an F even though he is taller and older. He has to learn to stick up for himself sometimes. He is all-around cute.
Omg, I love Corey.
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by Urban Dictionaryβœ… April 16, 2020
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A boy who can't decide weather or not he likes a girl but still flirts with her regardless of if they met of not. He's the type of guy who doesn't realize the perfect girl for him is right in front of his eyes and he commonly loses the girl before he has the chance to decide if he wants to be with her.
Omg, he was such a Corey.

Dude, Why can't Cory see how great Brittney is
by IThinkILikeHim3456464342 July 21, 2009
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the only name in the universe that is equivalent to chuck norris. this name was the first choice when the virgin mary named jesus, but it was said that gods real name is corey and she didnt want to name jesus after him. almost everytime a baby is named corey that kid is a genious and will do something 10 times greater than any other kid named anything other than corey. not to mention any person that is named corey will forever believe that it is not butter.
Seriously bro, that dude Corey is like totally the coolest i have ever met in my entire life.
by Cor E March 10, 2009
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1. The largest hypocrite around..
2. Someone who plays around with females, and isn't mature enough to deal with any consequences.

3. One with an incredibly odd penis, and terrible facial acne.

4. a hick, or country bumpkin.
Two people are hooking up in a movie theater.
Man is watching behind them.

Man behind them= corey.
by miss_c August 31, 2008
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