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Someone that you will fall in love with. Someone that will make all your dreams come true, and someone that will be there for you no matter what, especially if you are in the dumps.

Cordell is someone that is that one person that you can laugh uncontrollably around. The one person that stands for the flag, and loves to make fun of Kim Jong Un. And he is especially popular for being extremely funny. He will always be there for you.

His eyes are the cutest/ HOTTEST and especially when he smiles - he can make anyone smile by just him smiling or saying leonard. He is someone that you can never forget. He is someone that you will always remember for the rest of your life. And if you do get to know him for the rest of your life make sure that he knows that he is special to you in some odd way.
I can't believe you said No to Cordell!!
Sorry, I didn't know that he was THAT Funny.
by I Wouldnt Do That! November 07, 2018
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Cordell refers more often to a slick, dashing man with great charm. Cordell's are wonderful people and deserve to rule the world. Not only this, but Cordell's are the shit~!
Man one: "Hey have we met before?"

Man two: "No, I don't think so. I'm Cordell."

*~*Time Skip*~*

Man one: "You're my coolest guy I know, no wonder your name is Cordell!"
by ICrazyBish February 08, 2010
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My love. My favorite person in the whole world, with gorgeous eyes and a drop-dead smile. The best personality. Its hard to find things I dislike about him. The best person to date that you would never think is amazing without getting to know him. Anyone who rejects a Cordell is losing the love of their life.
Girl 1: He asked me out last night, but I told him no. I just couldn't see it.
Girl 2: What?! Are you crazy?! He's a total Cordell!
by cordellsgirl February 21, 2011
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Cordell's are typically gods of literature trapped in human form , if you meet one make sure you surrender to them any marijiuana and/or other narcotics you may be caring. Cordell's are notorious drug addicts and will literally rip your dick off for a hit.
I met a cordell today , he smoked all my weed.
by cortwang blumpkin April 01, 2015
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-Cordell -
pronouced St-rang-e

- Odd lurking creature that is too hott for the oprah show.

- May cause children to randomly explode in youth centres
That person over there is soo Cordell.

Be careful you don't Overdose on Cordell or you will explode
by -Livi/Bex December 14, 2005
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