A short form of "copy and paste". A blatant, unapologetic form of plagiarism.

Describes the act of hastily copying and pasting work from other documents to produce your own work.

(Originated in Indonesia, on internet forums)
a: Hey bro - you coming out for a drink?
b: Yeah gimme 5 minutes I just have a proposal due today but it's just a lot of copas so shouldn't take long.


a: Gwen this document looks like shit
b: Sorry Harold - it's mostly copas. I couldn't be fucked coming up with anything original.
by oseric June 27, 2010
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n.: 1. Nickname given to the city of Maricopa in the state of Arizona.

Maricopa is located in Pinal County, approximately thirty miles south of Phoenix and 100 miles north of Tucson. The city was officially incorporated on October 15, 2003, becoming the 88th incorporated city in Arizona.

n.: 2. A city or town that is considered far from any major metropolitan area, with little to do for recreation.
It costs me $10.00 in gas to get out of Copa and near civilization!

Person A: I drove for over an hour to eat at a decent restaurant.
Person B: Oh, you must live in Copa. Sorry, buddy.

See also Maricopa, Maripoopa, BFE, boondocks
by MissLizaD February 28, 2010
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The restaurant in Cinncinati, Ohio that has rude staff, a wig stealing perverted owner, cockroaches who dance, and chile rats.
Copa Reviews:
"I got something to say, the manager kicked me out because I was giving away free wigs to the rats because they looked musty."
by GreenBean 🙄 April 26, 2021
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Detroit slang for COmerica PArk.
Who's headed to the Copa for the Tigers' game tonight?
by Motown Grrl May 28, 2008
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Hell on earth, located at rm.615 up in the S and P
shit, i have to waste my life in copa.
by lovemonkey June 2, 2004
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During a shower with your partner, you fart and the mist created from your fart air passing through the stream of water creates a mist that hits your partner. That receiving partner received a "copa mista"
Usage: Spouse "Did you just fart on me in the shower". Spouse 2 "Oh yea, just gave you a copa mista"
by Arizonaaloha July 17, 2015
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