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White people living or travelling in South East Asia.

White ex-pats are often seen as fat, white and inert. Common variants are "fat potato", "stupid potato", "dirty potato" and so on.

Potato was first coined in 2008 by ex-pats living in Vietnam. It was first reference in the Vietnam Times in January 2009, and spread quite quickly throughout Vietnam and is currently becoming pervasive in major ex-pat hubs including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City. Term has also surfaced in the SE Asian community in Australia.

In Sydney the increased Anglo-Saxon interest in Asian cultures has led to this word being used in a derogatory manner to describe Anglo-Saxon patrons to SE Asian establishments.

Potatospeak is a humorous term used to refer to metaphors which use this slang, including:

Potato Salad - a large gathering of potatoes, usually around hotel swimming pools.

Mashed Potato - amotorbike accident involving at least one potato. Often includes a muffler burn.

Baked Potato - sunburn

Potato Wedge - a poorly executed motorbike manouever

Potato Famine - a potato orders a meal at a local restaurant. On arrival he realises it is completely inedible.

Atkins Diet - a period of time when the potato decides he or she doesn’t want any more potato in his life.

Bubble and Squeak - older potato who has hooked up with a younger, beautiful local girl

Fauxtato - a local person who is sitting in a Hard Rock Cafe.
"We went to this really nice Italian Restaurant in the old quarter of Hanoi, and it was full of potatoes."

"You should have seen the potato salad around the pool at the Sofitel last weekend."
by Oseric May 17, 2009

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A short form of "copy and paste". A blatant, unapologetic form of plagiarism.

Describes the act of hastily copying and pasting work from other documents to produce your own work.

(Originated in Indonesia, on internet forums)
a: Hey bro - you coming out for a drink?
b: Yeah gimme 5 minutes I just have a proposal due today but it's just a lot of copas so shouldn't take long.


a: Gwen this document looks like shit
b: Sorry Harold - it's mostly copas. I couldn't be fucked coming up with anything original.
by oseric June 26, 2010

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