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n.: Nickname given to the city of Maricopa in the state of Arizona for its intense stench of manure due to the local dairy farms, typically after sunset and most pungent at dawn.

Maricopa is located in Pinal County, approximately thirty miles south of Phoenix and 100 miles north of Tucson. The city was officially incorporated on October 15, 2003, becoming the 88th incorporated city in Arizona.

When the U.S. real estate & housing market crashed in 2008, Arizona was among the top three states affected by plummeting home valuations and subprime mortgages. The city of Maricopa was featured on ABC's Nightline on May 7th and was referred to as the "poster child of the housing crisis."

...probably because it smelled like poop at night and everyone left the city and their homes gasping for clean air.
Do you have any noseplugs? I'm heading into Maripoopa.

Because I live in Maripoopa, I can not sleep with my windows open.

Maricopa, Copa
by MissLizaD February 14, 2010
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