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Reaching back to cop a feel when being frisked by a cop. Warning..May cause you to get ur ass kicked.
Yo this chick cop was friskin' me and I totally got a ragin' hard on so I reached back to Cop a Cop. She kicked my ass, I'm a total puss.
by thepuss March 04, 2010
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While being patted down, one reaches back and grabs the crotch and/or breasts of the police or woman.
Mikey: "Excuse me ma'am, you have very nice breastasis." *Cops a feel*

Chuck: "Hey Mikey, why are you in jail for two months just for speeding?"

Mikey: "Well, I pulled the cop a cop move during my pat down."

Chuck: "Tell me it was a female officer."

Mikey: "Yes, and she had excellent breastasis!!"
by BricklayerTCK June 13, 2009
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