The shitiest fucking beer on the planet. Only fucking pussies and fags drink this shit.
by Big Black Rod August 23, 2003
A yellow, fizzy type of bottled water, sometimes passed off as beer to mindless peasants who think it will get them women.
Idiot 1: Hey man this is the coldest tasting beer in the universe!

Idiot 2: Yeah man, it totally rocks!

Me: Umm, last I heard, the only tastes were salt, bitter, sweet, sour. Cold isnt a taste, it's a sensation, morons.
by The Brewmeister May 4, 2005
A highly overrated beer that was born in the great state of Colorado. If you were to drink real beer (St Bernardus Abt 12, Rochefort, Peche Mortel, Yeti, Old Ruffian, Arrogant Bastard, Hop Henge, Dreadnaught IPA...etc) and then take a piss into glass (1/4 full) then fill the rest up with carbonated water -you would have a beer that tastes like Coors Light (albeit a bit better).
Johnny drinks Coors Light because he can't handle beer that tastes!
by The MrEcted One April 11, 2006
(verb) The act of having sex in a canoe, kayak raft or tube. Fucking close to water.
1.I took out the center thwart and we did the coors light for five minutes until I got a hamstring cramp and flipped the boat.

2. well we are out in the middle of this lake and your boring the shit out of me, want to coors light
by wears funny hats March 5, 2009
A "beer" tantamount to yellowed bottled water. Tastes slightly of piss mixed with an even slighter taste of alcohol. A beer for women and retards like Seth who can't handle real beers like Arrogant Bastard or Maudite.

Easily destroyed by any microbrewery beer out there. The worst of the worst.
You: What are you drinking?
Me: Maudite. You?
You: Coors.
Me: You tasteless retard.
by Man In Black April 8, 2005
A popular "alcoholic" beverage that tastes worse than Odoull's but slightly better than hose water. Especially popular among rednecks and college freshmen who can't afford real beer.
by Mr.FixItWithDuctTape December 17, 2012