A small town in the south of NSW.
The local's (and tourists) call it a "shit hole" for a reason, Cooma is literally infected with shit. Contrary to what it says above, there are 4 supermarkets and countless amounts of bottle-o's for the alcho's to buy their vb and smokes, the cafe's are run by sleezo's, bogans and drug dealers, the waitresses are single mum bogan bludgers that spit in your food. It is also home to one of the largest group of gossip mongers in the southern hemisphere. It has no new shops that make any business, all close down within a few months, the council is retarded, and the high schools are home to wagging bad ass future drop-outs and illiterate teachers who smoke weed in the toilets with their students.
So anyone who badmouths this town deserves a medal.
It is also the town where the plague of mutated syphilis originated. (aka coomatitis) Its cause is skeptical, but the word is it was caused by junkies sharing bongs and crack pipes and using them as phallic toys on each other. The plauge then spread so badly that anyone who went within close proximity of a person infected with coomatitis could even catch the disease. There is no known cure except the removal of oneself from the town into a far away place then going to school and getting yourself some education.
John: "im thinking of staying in cooma for my ski holiday weekend "
Andy: (screams in horror) "Nooooooooo!!! Man if you do, stay away from me after, you will be infected with coomatitis"
by knowitalltruth November 5, 2011
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One word for all your needs. Can be used in place of please, thank you, excuse me, and you're welcome.
by Katarinajoe November 21, 2012
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Although the local dregs call it a "shit hole", Cooma is a cute little town. Contrary to what it says below, there are 3 large streets, lined with amazing cafes and gorgeous clothes shops. It is also home to one of the largest ski, boarding and fashion shops in NSW. It has a new modern RSL, library and pool, 3 high schools and 4 primary schools.

So anyone who badmouths this town, can go suck one.
Cooma is a small town located in the Snowy Mountains, NSW.
by somerandomlocal January 28, 2011
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A small to medium town about an hour away from Canberra and close to the ski feilds.

the capital of the snowy mountains..

The locals or anyone thats lived here long enough call it a poop whole. or a cold vagina of a town.

it is a beautiful town in spring and summer but never leave your house with out a jumper, you never know what the weather will do...
Cooma is a cold town thats close to the Ski feilds..
Most Cooma locals hate ski season cause it brings city folk and all their flue's and colds
by cooma gal September 9, 2009
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Cooma is a small town in the south of NSW, it is literally full of bogan's who spend most of their time puffing on smokes and drinking VB.

the population was once 15,000 untill they closed down the mines and railway to which the population then dropped to 8,000 now recent studies show the population has dropped to 6,500 but the council (which is useless) have not changed the population signs from 8,000 to 6,500 as they don't want to scare local business owners....
Anyone who makes it out of Cooma get's somewhere in life, those who stay become alcoholic's junkies or dole bludgers, those who think they have made it are stuck with a 30 year mortgage while trying to pay it off with a shit job doing long hour's with a shit pay!!!!
Mick Oi steve i am gonna move out of cooma there is no future here.
Steve Nah mate i am staying, me Mrs is pregnant with our 5th child aye, plus i cant give up me vb and smokes to save for moving away anyway.
by Rocknskull November 28, 2011
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Joke of a place about, an hour's drive south of Canberra.
Population - 6500
There's only 1 civilised street which holds a Mcdonald's, a Target Country, a Pet Shop, a Subway, a KFC, a Service Station and a pub.

It only has two highschools and no reasonable shops to buy clothes from. It probably takes the cake for the shittest town in NSW. The only thing to do there is to get drunk, usually off really cheap alcohol. e.g. Everglades, Goon (cask wine) or VB.
Josie: I went to Cooma on the weekend...
Kate: What did you even do?
Josie: Went to Mcdonald's, then Target Country then left. It was so boring.
by classsy January 19, 2011
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A Cooma Cupcake is when you are a small town local and even the tourists throw cupcakes at you.
Adam: Oh man, I'm so hated. Yesterday I even got a Cooma Cupcake.

No one is there to respond.
by Aldair322 July 6, 2018
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