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Bogan - A term used to describe lower-class Australians.

Female Bogans- Usually wear either really skinny tight jeans or really flared ones with thongs, an oversized hooded jumper and lots of eyeliner. Hair is usually slicked back with flicks of oily hair that dangle over the forehead like a dead mouse.
They also usually have bad skin, LOTS of orange foundation and some have ratty hair extensions.

Male Bogans- Usually wear Bali Bintang singlets, tatty denim shorts and thongs. Their hair is usally cut into a "fob cut" and sometimes even has a rat's tail. They are often seen with a VB (cheap Australian beer) in hand. They also use swear words out loud and in public a lot of the time.

Bogan names- Krystal, Chez, Darryn, Jorja, Taylah, Tiarny-Rae, Nikita, Shakeelah, Tysen, etc.
It's more often the spelling that's bogan than the actual name. But any name's that end in 'Leigh' or 'Rae' are sure to be very bogan.
Sarah: Check those two bogans over there! Ew.
Jane: Ew that's Krystal-Leigh and her boyfriend Darryn. Ew, he's holding a VB and she's got her ratty hair extentions in. So ew!
by classsy January 19, 2011

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Joke of a place about, an hour's drive south of Canberra.
Population - 6500
There's only 1 civilised street which holds a Mcdonald's, a Target Country, a Pet Shop, a Subway, a KFC, a Service Station and a pub.

It only has two highschools and no reasonable shops to buy clothes from. It probably takes the cake for the shittest town in NSW. The only thing to do there is to get drunk, usually off really cheap alcohol. e.g. Everglades, Goon (cask wine) or VB.
Josie: I went to Cooma on the weekend...
Kate: What did you even do?
Josie: Went to Mcdonald's, then Target Country then left. It was so boring.
by classsy January 19, 2011

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