A sexual position that entails shoving a cookie up your partners vagina and then eating it out like a calf getting milk from its mother. Usually used with Chips Ahoy.
John "Dude I totally cookied Vanessa last night."
Ricky "Nice dude"
Aye-Aye Captain ;)
by Yummyboi. December 5, 2011
A game were multiple get in a cricle and jerk each other off while a cookie is in the center of the circle, each person cums on the cookie and the last person to cum must eat the cookie.
When guys hang out they sometimes play cookie cookie with each other
by Rico Sauvez March 15, 2007
And so to appease the gods, we offered them a cookie. It seemed to work.
by super official source August 12, 2014
A phrase that was used in the Christmas EP (Go buy on iTunes/Google music)by Corbyn Besson.
"But the cookies"-Corbyn Besson
by LimeLightSeavey March 2, 2018
A food item that is in possession of a particular person. A cookie hypes someone up once offered to the person that requires hyping up. A natural rival of a carrot.
Have a cookie🍪 please hype yourself.
by A-A 1 January 3, 2021
A cookie is a type of snack food, usually small, circular and flat. Cookies are made from dough, water, eggs and sugar. However, cookies can also contain extra ingredients such as raisins, chocolate chips, oats etc.

Guy 1: Man, these chocolate chip cookies are great!
Guy 2: Thanks man! I made then with my mother's recipe!
by YEETImRussian420 May 14, 2020