The state of being extremely high on meth or crack type drugs.
by Rev. Foxx May 20, 2010
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preparing for a shot of heroin
Sick Boy: Say something Mark.
Sick Boy: Fucking say something, huh?
Mark "Rent-boy" Renton: I'm cooking up.
- Trainspotting (film)
by Harventh February 7, 2008
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A jailhouse term used by inmates to define a shared-feast, in which each inmate involved contributes at least one food item (like chips, ramen noodles, etc), which is then mixed together and enjoyed by all the participating inmates.
What's up, you got that noodle for the cook up tonight?
by lonster85 December 19, 2010
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preparing a syringe with heroin or other injectible drug
Her baby died so I cooked her up a hit but only after I got mine; that went without saying.
by _GoD_ September 21, 2004
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To make deal with sb,usually underground or illegal.
what do you got cooking up with him?
by louis_14 November 17, 2007
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The absolute best; Some times spoken of in terms of crack cocaine.
Sam: Did you see that movie 300 kid?
Bam: Hell yeah that shit was the cook up!

" A yo Jimmy got that cook up, Im gonna cop some of that!"
by Tony Chase February 29, 2008
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