A risk taker, a boy/girl who in an adventurer a person who risks there lives for no reasons they may look different like a rebel or have colored hair even
They call me the sick boy, well that’s easy to say if you don’t take the risk boy
by They call me the sick girl March 11, 2018
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a term used in the 80s hardcore punk scene for junkies who were going through withdrawls which made them sick. Heroin was very prevalent in that scene. It's a term referring someone who is dopesick and nothing else.
Did you see that sick boy puking his guts out, someone should get the poor dude a fix.
by acidhead420 August 9, 2008
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The good looking guy from Trainspotting who also plays Zero Cool, Dade Murphy, and Crash Override in Hackers!

A bunch of my friends idol.
All my friends wish they could be sexy heroin addicts like Sick Boy.
by ISuckDick4Dope February 24, 2005
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-A name used to describe a person who is a hardcore drug addict, usually a user of heroin or cocaine. Popular in the 70's and 80's.

-A character in the film "Trainspotting"
Sick Boy and I are gonna do some hits tonight. Wanna join us?
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a mechanically inclined tattoo sporting leather jacket wearing rebel. in other words a greaser. the term comes from a song of the same name by social distortion.
mike ness is a sick boy, joel madden is not.
by sick girl July 20, 2004
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a self-destructive, drug-addled, egomaniacal rocker a la iggy pop, circa 1973.
Sick boy, sick boy fading out, learning to be cruel, come on baby take me, lemme loose on you....
by yoru88 August 24, 2007
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sick boy. a person who takes risks. who enjoys the danger in life and looks forward to almost nothing more than an adrenaline rush.
"they say that i am the sick boy. easy to say when you don't take the risk boy" - sick boy
by the sick girl April 11, 2019
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