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A highly creative individual who is usually quiet until you get to know her. Very spiritual in nature, she oftentimes can be judgemental of those she deems "below" her. Jaynies tend to be musical and love all things whimsical. Dogs and children flock to them. Jaynies tend to have many loyal girlfriends, and are oftentimes a wall-flower due to their shy nature.
Dude #1: "Did you meet the new girl?"
Dude #2: "No - I tried, but I think she's a Jaynie"
by Chester Balls September 06, 2008
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Jaynie is a beautiful girl that you will mostly fall in love with.She is that special person that insults herself but everyone goes against what she says to do so.Jaynie is the type of girl who gets mad at a lot of people and may even be a bad girl at times.She knows that she is crazy in a good way and thats why people love her.
The new girl is so cute but shes kinda crazy.

I know right i think shes a Jaynie.
by Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1 November 12, 2019
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