A chicken which has been slapped at the speed of 3725.95 mph.
Car salesman: *slaps chicken with the speed of 3725.95 mph* this is a cooked chicken.
by Atheon February 22, 2019
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Somebody who has lost their base level of intelligence through excess.
There's a chap walking around Erskineville who epitomises the concept of cooked the chicken. A once perfectly functional man whose capacity operates at a lower capacity following an excess lifestyle.
by TheCharcoalChook July 12, 2014
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An analogy used to respond to someone who has an odd method of doing something, one that is different to the normal way and different to your way of doing it.
John: How are you getting to work tomorrow?
Bill: I’m planning on riding a unicycle
John: However you cook your chicken then.
by NoLeafClover June 20, 2020
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