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The art of bending ones body outside of a “natural” flexibility range. Contortion is a performance art that requires discipline, patience and perseverance. Extreme strength is usually present in contortionists.
John: “This person is incredible.”
Samantha: “Yeah. Contortion is so beautiful.”
by your dear friend ♡ October 17, 2019
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Being able to stretch in unusual positions not ordinary people can achieve; usually performed in circuses.
At the circus I saw contortion
by Igle November 16, 2007
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The art of bending. It requires a lot of stretching. Some contortion may be seen in the sport of gymnastics. A person that does contortion is called a contortionist.
Mom: catches daughter (Molly) stretching. " You should do contortion, you are very flexible."

Molly: " That would be fun!"
by Monnikah July 26, 2017
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